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More Than Eleven

We all know that if there is eleven then there is also 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 and 10 sence we already interacted with 8. But just because 11 is there doesn't mean there isn't more than what we thought. What if there's 12, 13 etc?!
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• 14h

it is likely the S.T. cast (or some of them) have read this message board

We know that many members of the ST case (especially the kids) are very savvy about social media/messaging, etc. One member of the cast (I think it was Finn Wolfhard) at a convention(?) before season 2 commented that he had read fan theories about what would happen in season 2 on Reddit.

So, if cast members read reddit, and are reading online about comments/theories on Stranger Things, it is virtually a certainty that one or probably several cast members (especially the kids) have perused the discussions on this Wiki.

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Dustin And Hopper

In the tunnels of the upside down hopper AND Dustin got blown in the face by the air which is very toxic. But you know what happened to will after he's been breathing the sir too long. So what's gonna happen to Dustin and hopper? I'll be disappointed if there's no reasoning in season 3...
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Will barb come back?

We all know she's dead in the upside down but in the same condition as will when hopper and Joyce found him and he was ALIVE. I think she will arise from the upside down but the only way to escape is to re-open a portal. If Barb is alive I know for a fact she WILL cause the upside down to reopen and the kids will have to fight once again to save Hawkins
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Favorite character?

Whos everyones favorite character from Stranger Things? I have to go with Dustin.
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Description of stranger things

So I decided to watch stranger things. Can anyone tell me why it is good, basically a review.
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i know i am !!🤪 any theories? 👇
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• 1/10/2019


Ok, the Atlanta press published several articles over the course of the summer concerning movie/tv locations being used in the Atlanta area. From this, we can surmise several things about season 3:

(a) They filmed at the Douglasville City Cemetery 6883 Church St, Douglasville GA

This location is only a few hundred yards from the Hawkins Police Dept. (corner at 6754 Church St) and a little distance from the Palace Arcade (which is up for sale now and was apparently not used)(6501 Church St)(I do not think we will see the Palace Arcade again)

(b) They apparently have used the Hawkins Lab set again for filming. 1259 GA 42, Atlanta GA

(c) They (obviously) filmed at "Starcourt Mall", aka Gwinnett Place Mall, Duluth, GA

(d) They filmed at the Lakewood Avenue Swimming pool. 2000 Lakewood Avenue, SE, Atlanta Ga.t.

(e) The pool is real close to Screen Gems Studios, which is only about 1/2 mile west at 175 Lakewood Way SW in Atlanta. If you look at the studio in "aerial view" in google maps, there are 4 large buildings running east to west - these are the stages where movies and tv shows are filmed. Stranger things is filmed in the southeastern most of these four buildings (if your map is oriented to the north, ST is filmed in the lower right building)

(f) If you zoom in on the studio, in aerial view, you will see a very dark shape on the parking lot just north of tthe building where they film. This is the school where the child stars of Stranger Things go to school while ffilming Stranger Things. It is a trailer

(g) They filmed in Jackson again. 4 Second Street, Jackson GA

(h) They apparently filmed at Mike's house again - address witheld, but it is in East Point. (Lucas' house is 2 houses down the street).

(i) They filmed at Lafont Theater which is a closed theater located at the intersection of Cliffwood Dr and Sandy Springs Circle, in Sandy Springs, GA

Try using google maps, the look at these locations in street view and aerial ("satellite" view) - it is neat

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• 1/10/2019

Dungeons and Dragons

In the time gap between season 2 and season 3 did Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will teach Eleven/Jane to play DND? As we know in there party it is a big thing. So, did they?
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• 1/9/2019

Another IMDB comment on Season 3

I posted a comment about a week ago on season 3, pointing out that you can deduce several things about the upcoming season from the listings of stuntmen in the IMDB database. there are a couple of other things that you can find in the IMDB database that are "clues" about season 3.

First, beginning with episode 3, and with most or all subsequent episodes, an "armourer" is listed in the iscellaneus crew. An armourer is someone who cares for, repairs and has custody of the weapons on the movie set. He would be also involved in weapons safety. The presence of an armourer is further confirmation that season 3 will have a lot of action.

In the last episode of season 3, "The Battle of Starcourt", there is a "military technical advisor" on staff. There is also an "aerial coordinator" This might mean that drones were used for cameras, but more likely means that we will see helicopters in episode 8

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• 1/9/2019

What happened to the Byers dog

Why does no one ask this
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• 1/8/2019


I thought I posted something earlier, but I must not have hit the "submit" button.

The season 3 poster - if you look at it very closely down at the bottom (near the "legs" of the apparent creature) it shows RATS running towards the creature.

Eleven and Will are looking at, and noticing RATS.

So, the episode "Mall Rats" and the episode "The Bite" may have a meaning related to rats.

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• 1/8/2019


Eight has chosen the name "Kali" for herself.

The word "Kali" is the name of a Hindu goddess. She is the goddess of death and destruction.

How appropriate for Eight. Plus, it may hint at the future of Eight's story line.

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• 1/8/2019

Which ship?

  • Mileven
  • Lumax
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• 1/7/2019

Tracking down Eleven??

Earlier in the show, do you realize how Eleven was always getting found? Maybe, her tattoo is actually a tracking device! And that may be how the people at Hawkins Lab, always seemed to find her so easily. Maybe, in Season 3, they will discover the tracking device in her arm.
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• 1/7/2019

Have you seen this?!!
(Stranger things) but she screams every word
(Stranger things) but she screams every word YouTube
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• 1/7/2019

Millie Lovers

In the song Girls Like you of Maroom 5 and Cardi B at minutes 2:15 there is Millie . Sorry For Bad English
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• 1/7/2019
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• 1/7/2019
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