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Remember the Demogorgon? Well, that asshole was just a taste of what the Upside Down had in store for our heroes. Stranger Things 2introduced two significant new creatures: demodogs, four-legged Demogorgons; and The Mind Flayer, otherwise known as the Shadow Monster, a giant arachnid-like monster who appears to be the powerful final boss in the Upside Down. It's kinda like the brain down there. The Mind Flayer, named after a Dungeons & Dragons creature with psionic powers, first appeared to Will in visions, or "now-memories," and it later possessed him, linking them and gradually turning little Will Byers into a serious threat over the course of the season.

Even though the monster is eradicated from Will's body by the end of the season, thereby allowing Eleven to close the main gate to the Upside Down, it's not gone for good. In the final moments of the season, The Mind Flyer is seen lurking over Hawkins Middle School in the Upside Down, no doubt plotting the destruction of Hawkins and its protector, Eleven.

While it's unclear if The Mind Flayer is the show's ultimate Big Bad, it's almost certainly going to rear its ugly head again in the third season. The Duffer Brothers have been candid about their four-season plan, so unless there's another monster hiding in the Upside Down, it's safe to assume that The Mind Flayer is the key to all that nonsense. But maybe — just maybe! — there are multiple Mind Flayers.

Steve, you're gonna need a bigger bat.

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Noah Schnapp made an accidental disclosure about Stranger Things 3

check out the video:

Noah Schnapp accidentally gives Stranger Things Season 3 spoiler
Noah Schnapp accidentally gives Stranger Things Season 3 spoiler YouTube
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who would you like to kill

  • Dr Brenner
  • Demodog
  • Demogorgon
  • Mind Flayer
  • Tendril
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You get the opportunity to live back in the 80s! No technology, no Netflix, nothing. What do you do?

  • Hell yeah! I can’t wait to live in the 80s!!! 71%
  • No way!!! I love 2019!!! 29%
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Pick One

  • Stancy( Nancy & Steve)
  • Jancy( Johnathan & Nancy)
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Eleven dies, you...

  • Flip cars
  • Cry and create another portal to the upside down
  • Open up another Hawkins lab to test experiments on the writers of ST
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Funniest scenes

I think all funniest scenes is when erica is in the. You?
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What episode of season three are you most curious about?

I'm most curious about Chapter 6: The Birthday.
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• 2/10/2019

Do u prefer...

  • Mileven
  • Fillie
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• 2/10/2019

Any fun facts???

U guys have ANY fun facts about ST? I have three.

1. Millie is completly deaf in one ear

2. Sadie gets 10 times less money than the other actors

3. The kid actors made a happy fathers day video for Joe Keery on fathers day to thank him for working with them

U have any cool/fun facts?
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• 2/10/2019
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• 2/10/2019

What will happen between mike and eleven?

I think that they will be together
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• 2/10/2019

I have a question

So, as you know, I am rewatching Strangers Things, and I was wondering, how long is Will missing for????
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• 2/9/2019

Who do you ship the most?

  • Lucas and Max
  • Eleven and Mike
  • Jonathan and Nancy
  • Steve and Nancy
  • Dustin and Max
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• 2/9/2019

Season 3

Who wants to come over and watch and cry with me when it comes out? XD
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